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  • REAL ESTATE SERVICES The Credle Group and My Home Process at Samson Properties is a service oriented real estate team in Washington D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Our group consist of the top real estate professionals working together to serve our community real estate needs. Our goal is to provide outstanding customized service while utilizing cutting edge […]

  • Why Do You Need Homeowners Insurance? If you’re shopping for your dream home, you may have questions about homeowners insurance. It’s another expense of home ownership, so it’s logical to ask the question: Do you need homeowners insurance, and if so, when in the house buying process do you buy it? Here’s a list of frequently […]

  • How To Get Pre-Approved Mortgage? If you start looking for your new home before you know how much you can afford to spend, you will be in for some disappointment. It is effortless to start looking at homes that you will later find you can’t afford when you try to get approved for a mortgage. […]

  • 13 First Time Home Buyer Tips & Mistakes to Avoid Planning on buying a house for the first time? Considering your very first home mortgage? Then you definitely want to take a look at these first time home buyer tips to help you save time and money when buying your first home. After all, it’s […]